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    Plum® Organics Mighty Delicious! Veggie™ Tots Carrot, Pear, Pomegranate Oats. Full serving of veggies*. Vegetable and fruit smoothie. Full serving of veggies*. Vitamins A, C & E. Omega-3 ALA from Chia. 3g of fiber. USDA Organic. Certified Organic By Oregon Tilth. *1 serving of veggies = 1/4 cup. Surprise little taste buds with a full serving of veggies that's as tasty as it is nutritious. With garden-inspired ingredients, and a bit of fruity sweetness, your mighty tyke now has a me-sized snack that's good-to-go anytime. Feed amazing. Train taste buds to love a variety of foods from the get-go & inspire a lifetime of healthy eating. Nutrition: Vitamin A from carrots, 200mg omega-3 ALA. Tots stage: A delicious snack to fuel active tots. Palate: Train taste buds with the flavors of pomegranate, carrots & a hint of cinnamon. Promise: Certified organic, no genetically modified ingredients. The Full Effect® program nourishes little ones in need across America. Non-BPA packaging. www.plumorganics.com. Veggies made mighty. 1-877-914-PLUM. info@plumorganics.com.






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    Plum Organics